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Triyotex is a medicinal product whose active ingredient is liothyronine in a dosage of 75 mcg. Liothyronine is a synthetic analog of triiodothyronine (T3), a hormone produced by the thyroid gland. The use of Triyotex is aimed at correcting conditions associated with thyroid hormone deficiency, such as hypothyroidism.

Triyotex para que sirve

The main use of Triyotex 75 mcg is to treat various forms of hypothyroidism, including those caused by surgery or radioactive iodine. It can also be used to test thyroid function for diagnostic purposes.

Triyotex Mexico: It is worth noting that Triyotex is often associated with Mexico because it is available on the pharmaceutical market in that country. Precio de Triyotex can vary depending on the region of sale and pharmacy. However, it is worth noting that you can purchase the drug at a lower price in Mexican online pharmacies. Make your purchase from reliable sources to avoid counterfeit products.

Triyotex for weight loss: although some people use Triyotex 75 for weight loss because of its ability to speed up metabolism, such use is not recommended without a doctor's supervision due to the risk of serious side effects and thyroid disorders.

Triyotex dosage

Triyotex dosage, containing the active ingredient liothyronine at a concentration of 75 mcg, is a key aspect in its use in medical practice. The exact dosage depends on the patient's individual needs, health and treatment goals. It is important to emphasize that any treatment, including the use of Triyotex 75 mcg, should be carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Initial Dosage: Typically, the initial dosage of Triyotex for adults with hypothyroidism is a lower dose than 75 mcg per day to minimize the risk of side effects, especially in patients with cardiovascular disease. The doctor may start treatment with a low dose and gradually increase the dose while closely monitoring the body's response.

Dose adjustment: Dose adjustment is based on laboratory tests of thyroid hormone levels in the blood and the clinical picture. This allows the doctor to determine if there are enough hormones for the body to function normally and adjust the dose accordingly.

Special patient groups: For certain patient groups, such as the elderly or patients with cardiovascular disease, the initial dose should be particularly low to avoid overloading the heart due to increased metabolism. Also, special caution is required when prescribing the drug to children and adolescents.

Duration of treatment: The duration of Triyotex treatment depends on many factors, including the type and severity of the disease. In some cases, it may be necessary to take the drug for a lifetime, especially for chronic conditions such as hypothyroidism.

Important points

Condition monitoring: Regular monitoring of thyroid hormone levels and the patient's clinical condition helps to adapt the dose to achieve optimal results without the risk of side effects.

Adherence to recommendations: It is important for patients to strictly follow the recommendations regarding the dosage and schedule of the drug. Any changes in dosage should only be made under the supervision of a physician, especially if other medical conditions are present or other medications are being taken.

The approach to Triyotex dosage should be individualized and carefully monitored to ensure maximum treatment efficacy while minimizing the risk of side effects.


Untreated thyrotoxicosis: Triyotex is contraindicated in untreated thyrotoxicosis, a condition in which there is excessive production of thyroid hormones. Additional administration of thyroid hormones may increase the symptoms of thyrotoxicosis.

Acute myocardial insufficiency, acute myocardial infarction: Patients with acute heart failure or who have had a recent myocardial infarction should avoid the use of Triyotex due to the risk of increased cardiac workload.

Untreated adrenal insufficiency: Adrenal function deficiency should be corrected before initiating therapy with Triyotex 75 mcg, as liothyronine may cause acute adrenal insufficiency.

Hypersensitivity: Patients with known hypersensitivity to liothyronine or other components of the drug should not take it.

Cardiovascular disease: Patients with cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, and hypertension require special caution when prescribing Triyotex 75 because of the risk of worsening symptoms.

Diabetes: Liothyronine may increase the need for insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents in diabetics.

Prolonged hypothyroidism: In prolonged severe hypothyroidism, especially in the elderly, the initial dose should be particularly low to avoid the risk of myoxedematous coma.

Osteoporosis: The use of high doses of Triyotex may increase bone mass loss, especially in postmenopausal women.

Pregnancy and lactation: Careful monitoring and dose adjustment of Triyotex are required during the treatment of pregnant women because hormonal balance during this period undergoes significant changes. During lactation, it is also necessary to take into account the possible transfer of hormones into breast milk.

Side Effects

Cardiovascular System: One of the most notable side effects of taking Triyotex is changes in the cardiovascular system. This can manifest as palpitations (tachycardia), arrhythmias, increased blood pressure, and chest pain, especially in patients with pre-existing heart disease.

Nervous system: Nervous system side effects may include headache, tremor (hand tremors), insomnia, agitation, anxiety, or nervousness. In rare cases, episodes of panic attacks may occur.

Metabolic changes: Liothyronine speeds up metabolism, which may result in weight loss, increased sweating, fever, intolerance to high temperatures, or increased urination.

Digestive System: Some patients may experience diarrhea, appetite changes, nausea, or vomiting as side effects of taking Triyotex.

Skin Reactions: Allergic reactions such as rash, itching, and hives may occur. In very rare cases, angioedema may develop.

Musculoskeletal system: Prolonged use of high doses of Triyotex may lead to loss of muscle mass, weakness, especially in elderly patients and patients with low level of physical activity.

Effect on bone tissue: Prolonged use at high doses may contribute to the development of osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women.

Reproductive system: Changes in the menstrual cycle may be a side effect in women taking Triyotex.

Interaction with other medicines

Given the complexity of interactions between Triyotex and other drugs and products, it is important to approach treatment individually, taking into account all factors that may affect the efficacy and safety of therapy.

With anticoagulants: Triyotex may increase the effect of anticoagulants such as warfarin, potentially increasing the risk of bleeding. Patients taking anticoagulants may require dose adjustment under medical supervision.

With diabetes medications: Liothyronine may increase the body's need for insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents in patients with diabetes. This requires careful monitoring of blood glucose levels and possibly adjusting the dosage of antidiabetic medications.

With cardiac glucosides: Liothyronine may reduce the efficacy of cardiac glycosides, such as digoxin, due to increased metabolic processes, which requires careful monitoring of cardiac muscle health.

With estrogen-containing drugs: Estrogen-containing drugs may increase the concentration of protein-bound thyroxine, resulting in decreased efficacy of Triyotex. Adjustment of the dose of liothyronine may be necessary.

With psychotropic drugs: Some antidepressants and antipsychotics may alter the efficacy and metabolism of liothyronine, which requires careful monitoring of the patient's condition and possible dose adjustment.

With drugs for the treatment of epilepsy: Drugs used for the treatment of epilepsy, such as phenytoin and carbamazepine, may accelerate the metabolism of liothyronine, reducing its concentration in the blood and efficacy.

With iodine-containing drugs and contrast agents: Iodine-containing drugs and radiocontrast agents may affect thyroid function and require temporary adjustment of Triyotex dosage.

With foods and supplements: Some foods and supplements rich in calcium and iron may decrease the absorption of liothyronine, which reduces the efficacy of Triyotex. It is recommended that Triyotex be taken 30–60 minutes before meals or several hours after meals, especially those containing high concentrations of calcium and iron, to avoid interactions.

With drugs affecting the level of gastric acidity: Proton pump inhibitors and antacids may affect the absorption of liothyronine in the gastrointestinal tract, which will require adjustment of the time of Triyotex administration relative to these drugs.

With sedatives and tranquilizers: Sedatives and tranquilizers may mask some side effects of Triyotex, such as palpitations or anxiety, which may lead to underestimation of these symptoms.

With alcohol: Alcohol consumption during Triyotex treatment may affect its metabolism and effectiveness, and may increase some side effects, especially on the nervous system.

With Herbal and Natural Supplements: Some herbal supplements and herbal supplements may interact with liothyronine, altering its effectiveness. For example, soy products and fiber supplements may decrease the absorption of liothyronine.

Triyotex reviews

Triyotex reviews containing 75 mcg lyothyronine cover a wide range of opinions and personal stories from patients facing the need to correct thyroid hormone balance. These reviews are a valuable source of information for those considering starting Triyotex therapy, providing insight into the potential effects and nuances of using the drug.

Many users report a significant improvement in their quality of life after starting Triyotex 75. This is especially true of improved overall well-being, increased energy levels, and a reduction in symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, such as fatigue, depression, and weight gain. Some have noted improvements in cognitive functions such as concentration and memory.

One notable theme in reviews is the effect of Triyotex 75 mcg on weight. Some users report weight loss as a positive side effect, which is especially appreciated by those who are overweight due to hypothyroidism. It is important to note that using Triyotex solely for weight loss purposes without a medical indication is highly discouraged due to potential health risks.

How long the therapeutic effect lasts and how long it is retained in the body

The effect of taking Triyotex 75 begins to appear after a few days, and full saturation of tissues is achieved approximately two to three weeks after the start of administration. The duration of the therapeutic effect and its retention in the body may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the patient's metabolism, as well as on the dosage and duration of treatment.

How is excreted from the body

Liothyronine, the active ingredient of Triyotex, is excreted from the body mainly through the kidneys. The elimination half-life of liothyronine from the body is approximately 1 day, which means that half of the dose of the drug will be eliminated from the body in about 24 hours after administration. This time may vary depending on individual body characteristics.

When considering the use of Triyotex 75 mcg, it is important to strictly follow medical instructions and not exceed the recommended dosage. Any change in treatment should be under the supervision of a specialist to avoid unwanted effects and maximize the benefits of the drug. Before starting to take Triyotex, you should make sure that there are no contraindications and discuss possible risks and side effects

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