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CYCLOFÉMINA is a monthly parenteral hormonal contraceptive, indicated for the prevention of pregnancy.

CYCLOFÉMINA, in addition to providing protection against pregnancy, is associated with the following favorable effects: reduction in the frequency of benign mastopathy; reduced risk of endometrial carcinoma; reduction in the frequency of ovarian cysts, and possible reduction in the frequency of ovarian carcinoma. The estrogen-progestogen components of CYCLOFÉMINA, Estradiol Cypionate (Cip-E2) and Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA), offer a special activity profile and give it an effective contraceptive action, with different characteristics compared to other oral and parenteral anovulatory drugs. : CYCLOFÉMINA does not have significant androgenic activity, therefore it is devoid, or its incidence is minimal, of androgenic side effects such as weight gain, acne and hirsutism; allows a reduced risk for the cardiovascular system; it does not negatively alter lipid metabolism, relative to pretreatment levels, it has no adverse effects on carbohydrate metabolism, it does not produce changes in systolic or diastolic blood pressure, nor does it interfere with blood clotting mechanisms; it does not cause abnormal atrophic changes in the endometrium and there is a very low frequency of amenorrhea and breakthrough bleeding or spotting.

CYCLOFÉMINA has been shown to be effective as a contraceptive, since with a single injection per month it inhibits ovulation; it has a pro-contraceptive effect on cervical mucus by increasing its viscosity and reducing the amount of mucus produced, and has a pregnancy rate of virtually 0%.

Changes in hormone concentrations in women under treatment, even for a long time, are reversible when CYCLOFÉMINA is discontinued, there is no significant change in prolactin values, and the return to fertility after CYCLOFÉMINA is discontinued is almost immediate (within 2 or 3 months).

CYCLOFÉMINA satisfies the need of women to have an effective, well-tolerated and practical anovulatory at their disposal, and at the same time dispels the doctor's concern about prescribing a hormonal combination, which being highly effective reduces cardiovascular risk, offering a parenteral monthly contraceptive perspective for greater convenience and long-term safety. Due to its optimal efficacy profile, in accumulated thousands of months / woman (> 20,000) and safety (low incidence of mild to moderate adverse effects that decrease with time or disappear immediately when treatment is stopped), CYCLOFÉMINA is the ideal contraceptive for Being adopted into family planning programs and the couple helps your decision-making by providing you with an effective and safe means of spacing births as desired and allowing you to have no more children once you have conceived the desired number.

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