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Progestational medication, treatment of menstrual cycle disorders (ovarian amenorrhea), dysfunctional uterine bleeding, threatened abortion and luteal phase support in assisted reproduction.

Progesterone is a natural hormone that binds to specific receptors to induce specific progestational effects. As a result of this binding, progesterone is able to interfere with the binding sites of other steroids. Therefore, progesterone exhibits antiestrogenic, antiandrogenic, and also antimineralocorticoid activity.
The mechanism of action of progesterone is similar to that of all steroids at the cellular level. For transport via the blood, it binds to a carrier globulin (SHBG) on specific receptors on target cells such as the female reproductive organs, mammary glands, the central nervous system (including the region of the pulse generator in the hypothalamus), and the pituitary gland. Two types of receptors have been described: alpha and beta, and progesterone binds to the receptor, triggering a stimulus in the phosphorylation cascade mechanism, forming a hormone-receptor (HR) complex. This HR activates the nuclear receptors of nuclear adenyl cyclase, producing dephosphorylation and translocation at the nuclear level, modifying DNA proteins with activation of RNA polymerase, which initiates the transcription phenomenon. Methylation-activated DNA triggers the order for messenger RNA to travel to the ribosomes and produce the desired response.
The absorption of progesterone is much more efficient when it is applied intramuscularly than when it is administered orally. The absorption of progesterone is rapid, so its half-life is only a few minutes.
Absorption: Following intramuscular administration of 10 mg progesterone in oil, peak plasma concentrations (geometric mean of 7 ng/mL) were reached approximately 8 hours after injection and plasma concentrations remained above the upper limit line. base for approximately 24 hours after injection. Injection of 10, 25, and 50 mg resulted in geometric mean maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) values ​​of 7, 28, and 50 ng/mL, respectively.
Distribution: Progesterone is extensively bound to plasma proteins, primarily to albumin (50-54%) and the binding protein cortisol (43-48%).
Metabolism: Progesterone is metabolized primarily in the liver by reducing pregnandiol, pregnanetriol, and pregnanolone. Subsequently as a result formation of glucuronide and sulfate conjugated metabolites. The average plasma metabolic clearance rate in women is 2510 + 135 (wk) L/day.
Excretion: The glucuronide and sulfate conjugated metabolites of pregnandiol and pregnalonone are excreted in the urine and bile. Progesterone metabolites that are excreted in the bile may undergo enterohepatic recirculation or may be excreted in the feces.
A small amount of progesterone is stored in fatty tissue and is released when plasma levels decrease. Although rapidly eliminated if given at daily intervals, it is therapeutically effective. The effects of progesterone in the body continue for several days after the medication is stopped.
The pharmacological effects of progesterone at higher therapeutic doses include suppression of ovulation, preservation of pregnancy by inhibition of uterine contractility, transformation of proliferative endometrium to secretory endometrium.
Special Populations:
Renal Insufficiency: Safety and efficacy in patients with renal insufficiency have not been established. Progesterone metabolites are primarily excreted via the kidneys, so progesterone should be administered with caution and careful monitoring in this patient population.
Hepatic insufficiency: Safety and efficacy in patients with hepatic insufficiency have not been established. Since progesterone is metabolized by the liver, use in patients with liver dysfunction or disease is contraindicated.

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