Conditions of use

The titles contained in this Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement and the Global Pharmacy Privacy Policy are for reference only.

Force Majeure
Global Pharmacy will not be liable for any delay or failure in performance caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, delays due to backorders for ordered products, mail delays, customs delays, or lost shipments. Global Pharmacy will not be responsible for notifying the Customer in the event of such delays. The Customer will be solely responsible for making other arrangements to purchase alternative products and any costs incurred in connection with such purchases.

How long will it take to process my new order or fill and ship my medications?
It may take 48 business hours for your order to be processed and shipped.

Can my wife / husband's order be combined and shipped in the same box to save on shipping cost? If you have a loved one in the same household ordering items from us at the same time, we (upon request) will ship all items in the same package and shipping charges combined. Regular shipping is $ 28.00 USD when ordered online only. FREE SHIPPING promotions are in effect periodically for orders over $ 375.00 with any quantity of medications.

Do i need a prescription?
All orders will only be approved with a prescription issued by a licensed Mexican physician, which is included in the cost. There are no hidden fees. Many medications that require a prescription in the US or elsewhere are available without a prescription in Mexico. We always recommend customers to have a valid prescription from their local doctor to ensure correct dosage and medication. We do not sell controlled substances as defined by Mexican authorities, the US DEA, or our lists of prohibited substances from payment processing providers.


How long will it take for the doctor to review my prescription?
If you have a prescription from your local doctor, keep it in case there is a problem with customs importation of your Mexican medicine.


How often is the Drug List updated?

The price list of the items listed on this website is constantly updated. Prices are in US dollars. If you don't see a drug listed, please email your request to our Mexican pharmacy customer service center. Confirm updated prices and drug availability. Prices and availability change frequently, and currency conversion rates (to Mexican pesos) change daily, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of prices or other content quoted on this website. Sometimes the presentation of the package box may change from the picture, but the item is exactly as ordered.

What do I have to do to place an order from your company?
Go back to the home page and create an account, once you receive our welcome email, you can pay for the products you want to buy.

How much can I buy at a time?
You may purchase for personal use only a maximum 90-day supply of each of your medications (up to a maximum of 4 medications). You can reorder medications at any time with a separate order / prescription. We recommend that you always consult your local physician before ordering any medication.

How do I start sending my refills?
You have the option of placing an order online, by email, or calling our Customer Service Center and placing a new order for refills. Medicines Mexico will not send refills without the consent and initial request of the patient electronically. We do not store the customer's credit card information for their security, so a new payment will be required with each order.

Can Medicines Mexico send medicines by mail?
Yes, we can send you up to a 90-day supply. There are no restrictions on the number of separate shipments. Check for updates on the status of the US FDA regulations on imports of prescription drugs from foreign countries by US citizens.

Your prices look great, but what other fees apply?
Our prices are all inclusive, they represent the cost of the drug, the Mexican pharmacist's review, and the pharmacy dispensing fee. Mexican VAT taxes of 16% are not charged for medicines. When comparing our prices to Canadian discounted pharmacies, remember to include the cost of the doctor's visit, prescription, health insurance, prescription insurance, mail-order, and fax-prescription.