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Afumix is a combination drug that includes two active ingredients: fluconazole and tinidazole, which is reflected in its full name, "Afumix-fluconazole-tinidazole-37-5-500mg". This combination is designed to treat infections caused by fungi as well as antiprotozoal infections. Fluconazole is an antimycotic agent, while tinidazole is effective against protozoal infections.

Afumix para que sirve?

Afumix tabletas are used to treat a variety of infections including vaginal infections, urogenital trichomoniasis, and fungal infections of the skin and nails. Due to its composition, it has a wide spectrum of action.

Administration of the drug is done orally, usually once or as directed by the doctor. The dosage of Afumix tablets may vary depending on the type and severity of the infection, as well as the patient's age, weight and general health. It is important to emphasize that the following recommendations are general, and the specific dosage should always be determined by a specialist.

Vaginal fungal infections: A single dose of Afumix is usually recommended for the treatment of vaginal fungal infections caused by Candida. Adults are prescribed one tablet containing 150 mg fluconazole and 2 g tinidazole. In some cases, your doctor may recommend repeating the dose after 72 hours, especially for severe or recurrent infections.

Urogenital trichomoniasis: For urogenital trichomoniasis caused by Trichomonas vaginalis, a single dose of one Afumix tablet containing 150 mg fluconazole and 2 g tinidazole is usually recommended for adults. In some cases, additional dosing may be required based on clinical response to treatment.

Fungal skin infections: For the treatment of fungal skin infections such as dermatophytosis or candidiasis of the skin, the dosage of Afumix may vary. It is usually recommended to take one tablet containing 150 mg fluconazole once a week for 2–4 weeks. Tinidazole may not be necessary in this case unless a mixed or secondary protozoal infection is suspected.

Onychomycosis: In the treatment of fungal nail infections, or onychomycosis, the dosage of Afumix is usually 150 mg fluconazole once weekly. The duration of treatment depends on the extent of nail lesions and may be 3 to 6 months or longer. Tinidazole is not usually used to treat onychomycosis.

Contraindications and Side Effects

Afumix is a combination drug that includes the active ingredients fluconazole and tinidazole, intended for the treatment of fungal and protozoal infections. Despite its effectiveness, like any medical drug, Afumix has certain contraindications and can cause side effects that patients should be aware of before starting treatment.


Allergy or hypersensitivity: Patients with known allergy or hypersensitivity to fluconazole, tinidazole or any other component of the drug should not take Afumix.

Pregnancy and lactation: The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women, especially in the first trimester, as well as in nursing mothers, because the active components may have a negative effect on fetal development or penetrate into breast milk.

Pediatric age: The use of Afumix in children may be limited depending on the age and body weight of the child. Medical advice is required.

Liver and kidney diseases: Patients with severe liver or kidney dysfunction should use Afumix with caution or avoid its use altogether, as it may increase the negative effects on these organs.

Side effects

Side effects from taking Afumix can range from mild to severe and depend on the patient's individual sensitivity as well as the dosage and duration of treatment.

Gastrointestinal Disorders: The most common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Headaches and dizziness: Some patients may experience headaches or dizziness while taking the drug.

Allergic reactions: In rare cases, allergic reactions such as rash, itching, facial swelling, or difficulty breathing may occur.

Taste Changes: Temporary changes in taste sensation or a metallic taste in the mouth can also be side effects of Afumix.

Mental disorders: In very rare cases, side effects such as anxiety, depression, or hallucinations may occur.

Interaction with other medicines

Afumix tabletas, containing the active ingredients fluconazole and tinidazole, is an effective treatment for fungal and protozoal infections. However, like many medications, Afumix can interact with other medications, sometimes altering their effects or increasing side effects. Understanding these interactions is critical to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatment.

Interaction with anticoagulants: Fluconazole, one of the components of Afumix, may increase the effects of anticoagulants such as warfarin, increasing the risk of bleeding. Patients taking anticoagulants may require more frequent monitoring of blood clotting parameters and adjustment of anticoagulant dosage during Afumix treatment.

Interaction with hypoglycemic drugs: Fluconazole may potentiate the effects of oral sugar-lowering drugs and insulin, potentially leading to hypoglycemia. Diabetic patients taking these medications should carefully monitor blood glucose levels and adapt the dosage of hypoglycemic agents as needed.

Interaction with CNS Depressants: Tinidazole, the second component of Afumix, may potentiate the effects of drugs that depress the central nervous system, including alcohol, benzodiazepines, and some sleeping pills. This may result in increased sedation and cognitive impairment.

Interaction with Cytochrome P450 inhibitors and inducers: Fluconazole is a potent inhibitor of the enzyme CYP2C9 and a moderate inhibitor of CYP3A4, which may lead to increased blood concentrations of many drugs metabolized by these enzymes. This includes some types of antibiotics, antiepileptic drugs, statins, and many others. Inducers of these enzymes, such as some antiepileptic drugs and herbal supplements, may reduce the effectiveness of Afumix.

Interaction with antiviral drugs: Some antiviral drugs used to treat HIV may interact with fluconazole, altering their mutual efficacy and safety. This requires careful monitoring and possible dosage adjustment under medical supervision. In particular, HIV protease inhibitors and some reverse transcriptase inhibitors may interact with fluconazole, which requires careful consideration when prescribing these drugs in combination with Afumix.

Interaction with cardiac drugs: Afumix may affect the metabolism of some cardiac drugs, including antiarrhythmic agents and calcium channel blockers. This may lead to changes in their effectiveness and an increased risk of side effects. Patients taking these drugs may require dose adjustments and close monitoring of heart rhythm.

Interaction with antifungal drugs: Combining Afumix with other antifungal agents, especially those that also affect cytochrome P450 enzymes, may enhance their therapeutic and side effects. This requires careful medical supervision and possibly dosage adjustment.

Interactions with cancer drugs: Some anticancer drugs may interact with Afumix components, potentially affecting their efficacy and safety. Patients undergoing chemotherapy should carefully discuss the use of Afumix with their oncologist.

Interaction with drugs for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease: Proton pump inhibitors and other agents used for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease and reflux may interact with fluconazole. It is necessary to take this fact into account when prescribing Afumix, and possibly adapt the dosage of these drugs.

Therapeutic effect and half life

The therapeutic effect of Afumix tabletas and its half-life may vary depending on the individual patient and the type of infection. Usually, the effect is noted within a few days of starting to take it.

Price and purchase

Afumix precio may vary depending on the region and pharmacy. In Mexico, the drug can be purchased in our pharmacy at an affordable price, get free consultation on the use of the drug, as well as order delivery. We guarantee quality and reliability.

It is important to carefully study the instructions for use attached to the Afumix package, which contains detailed information on the method of use, dosage, possible side effects and contraindications.

When buying Afumix online in Mexico, it is recommended to choose reliable and licensed pharmacies to avoid fakes that may be not only ineffective but also harmful to health.

Remember that self-medication can be dangerous, especially when using powerful medications such as Afumix. The right approach to treatment is always an individual selection of the drug, its dosage and duration of the course of treatment by a doctor, based on diagnosis, the patient's general health and medical history.

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